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Summer Scouting for Deer on Public Land
Finding an old favorite flooded, I scouted some new ground and filmed this to offer a few tips I thought might help others do the same.
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  •  Slowbow: 

    It's been really bad this year. That first spot is one of my favorites, out along the river. Usually lousy with deer tracks there.  It got flooded bad this year, they had to close the road going in there because the river was up on it. Sure that ran most of the deer off. It's happened before, and the deer come back pretty quickly once it dries out, problem is, it kept raining and hasn't. Deer wont bed in 6 inches of standing water. But I have hopes for the oak I scouted out. That rain will probably produce a bumper crop of acorns.You know what they say, got to hunt them where they are, not where you think they should be!


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  •  Jason: 

    I would have expected a lot of tracks at the edge of that field as well.  Deer around here pour into the edges of fields near dark and are coming out of them after day break.

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