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My hunt profile - YouTube Welcome to another HamBros Outdoors video in this video I want to tell you about my time i have spe...
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  •  Jason: 

    I've already posted my thanks in several places but I wanted to say it again here. Thank You.  I've been showing yours and Mikes video to all my family and friends.  Very proud to have you guys and everyone here supporting this.  I've more than a thousand things to do to make your kinds words worth it.  It makes me nervous when I make big changes to the magnitude of whats coming this year. I've liked what we have right now because its been working and people like it but the demand for the website to visually change to be mobile friendly is too strong.  I can only hope people still have the same attraction to what we do here once this work is done and that the efforts made connects with those needs.

     09.07.20151 replies1 replies 
  •  Slowbow: 

    Well thanks! I'm still on that quest, just trying to film the last and final video in it, by actually taking the PLPNY buck. It's proving more difficult than I had imagined at first.

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  •  Slowbow: 

    Nice Work!

     08.07.20151 replies1 replies 
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