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This product was thoroughly tested with real life in the field stress applied for 3 months of use.  Upon opening a well packaged item designed to keep your feet warm in harsh conditions, you can imagine the excitement.  Warm feet means being able to stay in the woods longer giving you an even better opportunity for that hunting harvest.  Perhaps even a good compact survival item to get a few hours of needed heat to your lower extremities that might make all the difference.  So many reasons to be happy about opening this product except the $129.99 price tag.  While the manufacture claims of up to 500 rechargeable sessions you expect a bang for your buck in the number of uses you will get from these.  Though the batteries are not replaceable they should be pretty worn and needing of replacement by the time you use your last charge when you run those numbers. 

You might think to yourself that this product is old news and released in 2012 so why the review now?  It is our findings that the majority of all product reviews for this item you will find on YouTube are out of the box reviews.  It is the principle of product reviews for products to be put to some sort of extensive field testing. 

The Pros:

Starting with some pros (good points) let me first say the concept of being able to heat your feet remotely is fantastic without bulky batteries being attached to a pair of socks or heat pouch crammed in your boot.  The product was packaged well and contained a nice small storage bag to keep everything together.  Otherwise the bag included is somewhat durable and easily has a universal use for other purpose you might come up with such as protecting eye wear.  Another expected perk was being able to trim the insole to get just the right fit for your boot in length.  No wires attached other than when recharging also makes for ease of use. 

So how were these tested? 

These insoles were used in Rocky hunting boots size 10 by a 180lb man (myself) during the months of October, November, and December.  During this use I climbed ladder tree stands, traversed through West Virginia mountains under normal conditions, and still hunt most hours of the day.  I took them out on the coldest days available where I knew my feet would begin to pick up a chill.  The boots being used were waterproof and at no time did any outside moisture enter the boot area. Test were conducted using only a single pair of thick boot socks. Each return from the woods I recharged the insoles to a full charge before returning for the next use.

The Results

Upon initial activation of the heat it took about 15 minutes before my feet lost the onset of coldness.  However,  I did not feel any direct other than very slightly in the toe area which is perhaps the most vital to keep warm.  If your toes are warm, typically the rest of your foot will maintain as well.  The onset of someones feet becoming cold starts in the toes and moves backwards towards the heel.  Though I expected to feel more of a thermal presence I was happy to have my feet at room temperature rather than starting to lose blood circulation in my toes. The slight notice in temperature seems to fluctuate rapidly up and down providing random heating temperatures whether you are on the medium or high setting.  The right insole also seemed to heat better (hotter) than the left.

After only 3 uses I noticed that when using I was not gaining any benefit from the left insole at all.  Only my right foot was maintaining while the left foot stayed cold.  Once I returned home I placed the insoles on charge assuming perhaps the battery died in the left insole prematurely for some reason.  Upon plugging them in I discovered the left insole was not charging at all with no indication light.  I suggested to myself that maybe the light was burned out or damaged but maybe it was still charging.  After 3 hours I turned on the insoles to again discover only the right insole was producing any heat.  I then plugged them back in and applied pressure to the left insole with my hands which caused the charging light to illuminate. When I would release that pressure the light would turn off.  This was a sure sign that a component or wiring inside the insole was shorted or damaged.  I continued to wear them for a total of 3 months in hope that somehow just walking around on them would it cause the left one to fix itself.  Wishful thinking because it never worked again.  I considered putting my old boot insoles back in but figured a mildly warm right foot was better than 2 cold feet.  It was only about 10 to 15 uses later from time the left insole went bad the right insole followed with it.  No longer having the ability to charge the insoles were useless.  I actually left them in for another month activity but could not stand it any longer.  This is because of the decreased comfort.  Factory insoles are way more comfortable than these are so if they don't produce any heat than there is no trade off.

The Conclusion

There are many mixed reviews for this product online at locations such as Cabelas.  Many bad reviews and many good to average reviews.  For me taking a 50/50 chance of the product not operating correctly isn't worth a $129.99 investment for some it may be something you are willing to try.  This made the comfort of my footwear decrease greatly but in exchange for a short lived heat source.  For my personal experience with these I will never purchase another pair unless big improvements are made.  I would not suggest this item to any of my friends based solely on this personal experience. Although, I would make sure they know the other half of the crowed say its worked out alright for them.  The product did not preform to my expectations or even to the respect of manufacture statements. Save your money for a good pair of hunting boots or keep the receipt on hand.  Always know your exchange options and how long you have to return a faulty product.

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1. Great Concept. 2. Large Market Demand. 3. Good Packaging. 4. Remote Heating w/ Lanyard. 5. Trim Area to Fit Boot Size. 6. No Wires. 7. Rechargeable. 8. Storage Bag Included.
1. Product Failed Operational Testing. 2. Losing Remote Renders Product Useless. 3. Wiring and/or Components Contained In Insole failed after 3 uses. 4. Decrease In Comfort. 5. Creates A Very Tight Boot Fit. 6. Batteries Not Replaceable. 7. Very High Price for Performance. 8. Poor Protection From Body Weight Damage.
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