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Review Process:

I started the review the moment this product arrived on the FedEx truck.  Shipping was very fast from the manufacturer.  If you buy this product on Cabelas then I can not vouch for shipping estimates. From the start the box it arrived in looked very professional containing the company logo and web address.  Once I opened the box it was wrapped in a plastic material again containing the company logo.  First impressions started off very well.  After looking the jacket over, my initial thoughts was that it appeared to be a nice jacket even without being able to provide heat.  All of the material appeared to be well constructed and felt like I was holding a quality product.  Even the visible wires, control unit, and drone (power supply) looked well made and thought out.  I am not going to throw a bucket of water on this thing anytime soon but it appears like the jacket would have no problem resisting damage to it's elements.




The contains a sewn in wiring assembly that connects the charging controller, drone (battery supply), and the two wrist heating elements.  There will be a 120 volt charger in the bottom right side pocket. It also feels well made.  There are two large front pockets as well as two side pockets hiding behind those. If you get the hooded version then you have adjustable draw strings for the hood.  On the sleeves you will find velcro tensioners.  These actually tighten the heating element to a more intimate fit with your arm to provide a personalized delivery of heat.  Most importantly the activation button that you press that turns this whole thing on.


1st Button Press - High Heat - 135F - Solid orange light 8 seconds - 6 hours of heat

2nd Button Press - Medium Heat - 130F - Orange light flashes 6 quick times - 9 hours of heat

3rd Button Press - Low Heat - 125F - Orange light flashes 3 slow times - 12 hours of heat


In The Woods


When I arrived in the woods just before daybreak it was 27 degrees Fahrenheit. After 35 or 40 minutes once I felt my body temperature dropping with an external chill I turned the jacket on high heat for 2 1/2 hours. I felt the heat being delivered through my long sleeve cotton shirt and my scent blocker top.  Within 30 minutes I was completely comfortable as far as my bodies core is concerned.  I then changed to medium heat for 45 minutes.  I felt equally good at this setting. I will probably use it the most in the future to get good heat and longer battery life. However, the temperature was 38F by the time I switched to medium.  I then switched the jacket to low once 44F had approached.  I expected for the low heat to not be very impressive but I couldn't have been more wrong. Low heat is only 10 degrees different from high heat as you seen above.  You could probably run low heat day on a really cold day to give you the edge of heat you need. That way you get 12 hours of battery life. While in the woods I drew back my bow and did different routine movements in my tree stand. I did not feel obstructed or bulky in any way. On the way back to my truck for lunch I appreciated that the jacket was not heavy as I expected.


Only one small con for me was a plastic material used inside the sleeve (not visible) that encased the heating element.  I assume it helps provide a defense against moisture should it make its way there.  However, this material makes a little bit of unwanted noise. I never had any issues with it during most normal movements but if you grab the sleeve you can hear it.




I am giving this product 5 stars based on the following.

1. Meets manufacture's advertised claims

2. Quality construction (In my opinion / I am not sewing expert / It just felt and looked like good quality)

3. Realistic Use (Jacket is not too heavy or awkward to wear)

4. Easy to Use

5. Good physical appearance



1. Comfortable 2. Lighter than you would expect 3. Works as described 4. Quality Construction 5. Good Camo Pattern 6. Helps keep you warm 7. 2 Large front pocket 8. 2 Side pockets 9. Comes with and without Hood 10. Easy to use and understand 11. Sewn in design
1. Plastic material on heating element makes a small amount of noise.
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