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I picked up this product because it looked like something different I would like to try.  Just like a high school science project, once mixed it would create a reaction causing a mineral site eruption.  Sounded like a little bit of fun and something different to try out.

I placed this out in a well populated deer area in West Virginia on September 20th.  This is one week before the opening day of the archery deer season.  As seen the video I checked the site periodically to check for signs of use. The video documents the 2 day and 5 and half week mark.  I actually checked the site multiple times a week.  As well on each visit I checked the trail camera activity.  Beside the mineral site is a corn feeder. While well over 100 deer arrived with only 2 paying any attention to the salt block or the block topper.  This observation was again made over a 5 1/2 week time span.  This visual finding eliminated the claim of being an instant attractant or that deer can not resist it.


This was a fun product to take out set up. It was just something different to try out.  Even though I haven't had any success in the past with a molasses attractant for whitetail deer season this product still caught my eye.  I want to leave my rating for this product right in the middle of it possibly being a fair product.  Even though I didn't have successful results I don't want to rule out the effectiveness of this product. Every year when I put out a salt block for example, I typically do not see any attention being given to my salt block until after deer season has closed and over the summer.  My point being that sometimes mineral sites ignite well after their being established.  This could be a seasonal to regional difference when using the product.  Someone else could possibly use this product and see great results.  Either way I feel adding this product to your already established mineral site couldn't hurt anything.  Although this product is infused with Deer Cane, it did not perform like my stand alone Deer Cane sites tend to do.  If you decide to try this product for yourself the price is affordable should it not yield you any results.  Use this information and review to make the best decision for you.

1. Fun application. 2. Affordable. 3. Expands to cover application area. 4. Absorbs into earth well.
1. Yielded little to no results in 5 1/2 weeks. 2. Deer can resist it. 3. Not a good solution for instant attraction.
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Well, I can't resist anymore. I am going Turkey Hunting this year! Haven't been in years.
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