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As I do for all of my reviews I began this review from the moment I opened the package.  In the package contained the needed parts for installation and assembly.  As well contained in the package were instructions to help you during install.  You can install this yourself.  There is no need for a bow tech to do this for you unless you just have 5 or 10 dollars you are looking to get rid of.  As you seen in the video, I had a little bit of trouble installing this product.  I could have cut out the footage of my mistakes during install but thought it might help someone avoid my same problems.  It can be challenging at the first approach to get the product correctly spaced away from the arrow rest, while at the same time the tightness you need to prevent movement of the product.  I will attribute this difficulty to my own learning curve rather than any flaw of the product.  However, it would be nice to see an engineering change that allow you to completely tighten the base allowing for adjustment of the arm afterwards.  Once I had this installed correctly, I was excited to fire these two arrows faster than Katniss Everdeen ever thought.  While that could be true it won't happen without some practice.  I made some obvious mistakes in the video you might have noticed that attributed to my loss of speed when shooting my 2nd arrow.  I suggest grabbing the nocked end of the arrow first and attaching it to your string before pushing the arrow into position.   If you have a whisker biscuit then you can probably approach this either way.  A whisker biscuit will be this products best friend.  I used this product a number of times off film after recording my initial attempts was slowly improving my shot times.  I had no issues once it was installed correctly other than needing practice.



Some of the notable features of this product that I would like to highlight is durability and lightweight.  I was really surprised that this product did not weigh down the front of my bow the way I expected.  While some weight does exist, it is very little.  You are not going to break this thing unless you drop your bow out of a tree and it hits a rock just right and possibly rolls off a cliff.  However, if that happens then you have other problems.  This product can be purchased with the choice of a black finish or camo finish. 



I am giving this product 5 stars based on the following.

1. Meets manufacture's advertised claims (The most important of all things)

2. Quality construction (In my opinion / It just felt and looked like good quality material)

3. Do not need a bow tech to install

4. Solves a problem many archery hunters have experienced


Where to Purchase?

1. Solves a common problem 2. Creates functional opportunity 3. Product works as advertised 4. Light weight design 5. Durable quality 6. Improved amount of time to release a second shot 7. Good market price for the black finish version
1. Ease of installation resulting in proper alignment and spacing from arrow rest 2. Creates an additional obstruction while storing your bow in a bow case 3. Large marginal offset price point gap between the black and camo version 4. This product does not weigh much at all but does add small additional weight to your bow
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Cost:$19.99 to $34.99
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