Made myself dinner and decided to share it with everyone else.  The meal is going to be fried potatoes and ramps which I prepared very simple. Ramps are also referred to as wild leeks or its proper name is Allium tricoccumAllium tricoccum is an early spring vegetable, a perennial wild onion with a strong garlic-like odor and a pronounced onion flavor.

Allium tricoccum (commonly known as ramp, ramps, spring onion, ramson, wild leek, wood leek, and wild garlic) is an early spring vegetable, a perennial wild onion with a strong garlic-like odor and a pronounced onion flavor. Ramps are found across much of the eastern United States and eastern Canada, from Alabama to Nova Scotia to Manitoba to Oklahoma. They are popular in the cuisines of the rural uplands of the American South, and also in the Canadian province of Quebec. Ramps also have a growing popularity in restaurants throughout North America.

To cook with ramps you must go into the woods in the regions they are located and dig them root and all.  Otherwise they can sometimes be purchased mostly as private sales during season.

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1. Gather all of your ingredients keeping in mind only potatoes, ramps, and oil are mandatory and other ingredients are optional.  Ramps have such a strong flavor you really do not need anything else.

2. Clean the potatoes and ramps in cold water. Ramps can be cleaned by removing any wilted leaf, cutting off exposed roots, and washing away dirt and outer layer of the bulb.

3. Slice the potatoes (but not to thin)

4. Cut ramps into any size you wish from largely in tact all the way to a fine cut if you wish.  This all depends on your liking.

5. Heat Oil in a skillet.  I used my favorite olive oil brand.  Vegetable oil is not recommended but might work in a pinch.

6. Once the oil is heated add your potatoes.  Then add your entire bed of ramps on top of the potatoes.

7. Cook covered on Medium Low heat (different stoves vary) for about 10 minutes or until ramps have cooked down into the potatoes.

8. Once ramps have cooked down, stir entire contents displacing food on the bottom to the top. Then reapply the skillet cover. Cook for 5 to 6 minutes. Use personal judgment for time.

9. After cooking for an additional 5 to 6 minutes its time to stir again. But before you start stirring, remove the skillet cover and add seasoning. All seasonings are optional. I added salt, pepper, and garlic powder.  At this point I noticed my oil level had burnt off and added some additional oil.  Lastly, I added a layer of paprika (just enough to lightly dust all exposed potatoes on the top of the skillet).

10. Now flip/stir all seasoned food on the top of the skillet to the bottom.  The paprika adds a flavor but also creates somewhat of a crust on hit and miss places around the potatoes. Once you have done that, you can add another light dusting of paprika to the new exposed potatoes you have created from stirring/flipping.  All seasonings are optional and amounts are to your personal preference. At this point you will no longer use a skillet cover.  Before leaving off your skillet cover make sure at this time your potatoes have softened a desirable amount.

11. Turn up the heat from medium low to almost medium.  This is all that is needed to put a nice touch of crusted seasoning on your potatoes. If you do not like any crisp to your fried potatoes then I recommend against using any paprika and do not increase the heat.

12. Roughly about 5 minutes flip over the contents of the skillet one last time to get that top layer of paprika on the bottom of the skillet. Cook 2 additional minutes and turn off stove burner.

13. Enjoy your fried potatoes with wild ramps.  It is only a seasonal opportunity to enjoy ramps.

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    I had him to cook this for me minus the ramps. Delicious!  I know that it basically becomes fried potatoes without them, but what can you do? 

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Preparation MethodFry
CuisineWild Herbs and Garden
SeasonWild Herbs and Garden
Preparation Time40 Minutes

4 Idaho Potatoes

12 Ramps (Wild Leek)

Salt (optional)

Pepper (recommended but optional)

Garlic Powder (optional)

Paprika (optional)

Olive Oil (Your Favorite Type)

Nutritional Info