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Made myself dinner and decided to share it with everyone else.  The meal is going to be fried potatoes and ramps which I prepared very simple. Ramps are also referred to as wild leeks or its proper name is Allium tricoccum.  Allium tricoccum is an early spring vegetable, a perennial wild onion with …
Cuisine: Wild Herbs and Garden
04.06.2014 · From Jason
Well it's Canada Day long weekend up here, and with that, comes our annual "Wing Ding" Chicken wing sauce cook off. Just a fun little contest we started with our core group of friends. Pretty straight forward, I buy a ton of chicken wings, fire up the outdoor deep fryers, cut lots of fries and ever…
Cuisine: Farm Raised
15.09.2013 · From TurkeyRookie
Tried a new goose recipe tonight after finishing up with my venison chili, and while I am not one to cook with fruit, (I like my bacon cheeseburgers with a side of chicken wings) this is by far the tastiest goose I have had.
Cuisine: Game Birds
15.09.2013 · From TurkeyRookie
Here's one for you guys out getting the bunnies.Made a batch last week and was delicious... Served it with a bowl of my home made wild rice and turkey soup.
Cuisine: Rabbit
15.09.2013 · From TurkeyRookie