So there is no big opening day hype or market practice for opening day of the site. Basically, It is just ready to use and hopefully hunters/outdoorsman like you and myself can have a place to enjoy with some common interest. Whether your passion runs deep into the woods for hunting and outdoor activities or just a part time hobby of interest I hope to see here sharing your stories, pictures, videos, and etc. For me no hunt gets me excited like a Whitetail Deer Hunt and that really is my passion, obsession, and place of joy. Whats is your hunt of choice?

As you use the site please report any problems you might be having or something that does not seem right. I am working hard to bring together a good community but we can make it great together so just let me know and we will try and improve as we go. So sign up and join me. Post your pics, videos, and a lot more and we both can tell our friends to "Check out my hunt profile".

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Well, I can't resist anymore. I am going Turkey Hunting this year! Haven't been in years.
28.07.2011 (28.07.2011)
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