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The company Martin Archery with recent events avoids their near slip into the pages of archery history. When I mention the pages of archery history you can be assured its a great book Martin Archery and their founder Gail Martin and his family Pioneered. Now this nearly shut down company following the passing of its founder Gail Martin is back on the rise with high expectations to be better than ever and it is no secret that here at we are very excited!

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The "Turn-a-Round" Guy

Martin Archery during October of 2013 was acquired under new ownership that saved the company from what appeared to be a certain closure whether permanently or temporarily. The company's new CEO Richard "Rich" Weatherford who has a noted and prominent history in what I will call "Business Know How". Rich has been referred to as the "turn-a-round guy" for business in the past and it looks like hes at it again. In my opinion Martin Archery has been blessed to have the missing element they lacked for so many years. The core values at Martin were always some of the best including, quality, innovation, and great value for the working bow hunter amongst others. With the fantastic staff that made Martin Archery tick and the consumer fan base that are loyal to their brand left no doubt that all the building blocks for success were in place. Martin Archery thrived through this approach and it served them well as you were less likely to see big Martin Archery commercials and the multi-print page magazine ads as you may from other big archery manufactures. This aided the company greatly in keeping the price affordable for a high end bow at 60 to 75 percent of the price of their competitors. Now with addition to Mr. Weatherford as the new CEO of Martin Archery I believe they now have business element they never knew they were missing until nearing the end and I am happy to see him with the Martin Business Team. Pictured below is Rich Weatherford.

Photo courtesy of Martin Archery Facebook Page

The Martin Archery Team

Furthering the topic of new additions to the Martin Archery Business Team their workforce has increased nearly 5 times the amount of people as their was when the company faced its darkest days. Martin Archery recently reports they have added an entire 2nd production shift to the Damon Howatt section to keep up with the Christmas demand on orders. All of these new employees include a new plant manager Jeff Pierce pictured below all the way to the left along with the entire recent 2nd shift addition and Rich Weatherford pictured to the far right.

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The machine shop also turns up their working numbers to again keep up with the Christmas demand. This is yet another testament that this is a more serious and promising future for a company that is going to do what it takes to make sure they can deliver on their promises. Pictured below is Bob, Jacob, Jason and Jeff getting large orders of Aliens and Onzas out the door.

Photo courtesy of Martin Archery Facebook Page

One of the biggest secrets other competing companies would be wise to ask of Martin Archery is "Where do you find such great people to staff your company?" If you have ever had the opportunity to speak with several of the team members over the years as I have then you know they are simply the best in all aspects. They know their trade, they are a nice welcoming people, and go above and beyond their responsibilities and duties to ensure the promise of customer satisfaction is met. Not only is everyone at the Walla Walla, WA location proven time and time again to be a real class act it does not stop there. If you visit the Martin Archery Tech forums you will find a whole community of consumers, fans, dealers, bow shops, product manufactures, forum moderators, admins, and a ton more. These people too are fantastic and its important they are not left out because I believe they all have been a core to the success and progression of the Martin Archery Brand. Among these forum members I've had the pleasure to speak with is an administrator by the screen name of bfisher. Bfisher has been a member of the forum since November of 2005 and has helped guide the forum to help it continue to be a respectable place to gather for discussion.

Pictured below is Rich –CEO; Chris -Damon Howatts Manager; Anne -Front Office Manager; Brandon-Bow Shop, Jeff-Bow Shop Manager, and Jake in Customer Service to make calls to all Martin Dealers. Martin Archery has been dedicated to touching base with all of their dealers to let them know they are still here, strong, and have bows on the shelf!

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For the naysayers, critics, and skeptics you don't have to turn over many rocks on the grounds of Martin Archery to see big improvements are being made. This is not a ploy or last ditch effort to publicize the remaining stock off the shelves. I've said it already and I'll say it again "Martin Archery is back" and I think we will start to see the real potential of those words in 2015. Martin Archery has invested in its staff numbers and new additions to the plant to improve production, quality, and delivery time to the customer. Check out the progress on this new paint booth being installed for the Damon Howatt bows as Chris Carter pictured below showing Rich and Jeff how the project is coming along.

Photo courtesy of Martin Archery Facebook Page

The Authors Prediction for Martin Archery

In simple and in what I hope certain terms, I believe Martin Archery will return to their prime. Following that point, I believe they will exceed and reach far beyond the expectations we have for them now. It is my opinion that this group of investors and management will have 10 years (duration of the investment lease) to show Martin Archery is a reliable quality brand of products. Products that holds its weight in ability to return value to both the consumer, the company, and its investors. I predict in 3 years time Martin Archery will be fully returned to its once famed glory. I would debate to say this 3 year window is a necessity for success to ensure their future. Though I make my own assumptions I don't think we have a thing to worry about. After all, this is a name in archery we all love. If you don't love it then chances are you at least respect it if you're tuned in to some of archery's history.

The company has only been given its recent new life in October of 2013. With that said, they are working hard to deliver their new 2014 line of bows in the ATA show in January. I think you can expect what we've always been delivered year after year by Martin Archery for 2014 as well. That is a strong, reliable, affordable, and major bang for you buck bow. I don't think you will see them stray too far from the template they have always used when it comes to the look, style, and construction of their bows which is not a bad thing. However, I think it will bein the 2015 line of newly released bows that we will being seeing Martin Archery once again take the lead in riser innovation, cam development, and overall performance of their bows. If Martin Archery is to take the stage spotlight they will need to mix it up in 2015 and possibly move out of "the comfort zone" the company prior to new ownership operated in.

In closing, I wish Martin Archery and their new team nothing but great things for the future of their company. The founder of Martin Archery Gail Martin forever has the thanks and respect from Without Gail so much would not have been possible and I thank him for his contributions to the world of archery and to his family.

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