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The following was first published as an article in The Maryland Bowhunters Society's membership magazine, Rubs and Scrapes. It documents the journey to my first self-filmed buck bow-kill as I was filming my Public Land Pope and Young video series available
Slowbow 28.08.2015 3 1607

Is anyone shooting in this year (2015) R100 in Ohio?
carllberg 29.04.2015 1 1417

Thanks to modern technology, the weather can be predicted almost hourly now. I was playing the odds when I climbed into my deer stand on October 25th, 2014. The wind was slated to be in my face (south, south west) until 8am, and then would switch to a nort
Budgetbowhunter 26.10.2014 5 1597

As I type this, I'm already finished with my early season deer hunting here in Missouri. In one weekend I was lucky enough to tag a nice young doe, and an 8 point buck.  The season started out much differently though.  Our season here starts in September,
Budgetbowhunter 26.10.2014 3 814

Every year in February there is a Lake Sturgeon Spearing Season. Around here it is an event that is just about as big and important as the Deer Gun Season. The Wisconsin Wolf River system connecting Lakes Winnebago, and the upper river lakes of Poygan, Win
MikeG 12.03.2014 1 1215

I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!!! I hope everyone stays safe in their Holiday Travels. From MikeG and Family
MikeG 24.12.2013 1 1024

ok guys its the end of oct. In the next few weeks buck should be out and about beed gettin cool weather here in sothern WVA. ive seen a few scrapes popin up heard of some rubs popin up. Small bucks seem to be getting a little rutty. Nothing big here yet. L
bkbowhunter 30.10.2013 7 986

2013 North Carolina Archery Deer Season - Opening weekend Well, after an uneventful South Carolina Opening weekend, I readied my things for the North Carolina opener. Here, we have a more traditional season: Early Bow is "Monday on or nearest September the
briargoatkilla 01.10.2013 3 1243

2013 Deer Season August 2013   I live in Western North Carolina in the mountains, but I'm from the big swamps south of Columbia, SC, originally. My true passion is bow hunting public land in the mountains, however I do maintain two private leases. One is j
briargoatkilla 23.09.2013 9 1357

What its all about for me.   Its hard to put into words what every year of hunting season and spending time in the woods means to me. An outsider could say whats the big deal? Depending on your environment your feet can get very very cold, your teeth
Jason 23.08.2011 5 1295
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Is anyone shooting at the R100 this year (2015) in Ohio?
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