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What is the hunt all about for you?

What its all about for me.


Its hard to put into words what every year of hunting season and spending time in the woods means to me. An outsider could say whats the big deal? Depending on your environment your feet can get very very cold, your teeth rattle, and your body shiver. Getting up early, being up in a tree or on the ground before daylight, and not leaving until dark. Sounds glorious so far right? Some will never understand.

There is the near dead silence before the break of day. Then you with nothing else in the world but you and nature you watch it come alive as the day shows itself. The visual changes, sounds, smells, and emotional excitement of the start of the hunt. All the preseason efforts you put in to make this day and the ones following the best they can. Having the equipment you trust to make the most of the hunt. The beating of your heart trying to stay contained inside your chest when the moment is upon you. The overwhelming sensation once its over. A well earned meal for your family and maybe even something you can call you own trophy. Being thankful for what mother nature is able to provide. Passing it on to other generations to keep a way of life alive.

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  •  Jason: 

    I've missed all these incredible responses to my blog.  Thanks everyone for a great read and hopefully maybe one day this blog will give other just a hint of insight as to why we are who we are.  Good read from everyone. THANKS

  •  MikeG: 

    The hunt to me began at a very young age thanks to my dad. I remember him taking me out hunting with him for rabbits and squirrels when I was only about 5 years old. I was his dog and quickly learned how to circle a tree to bring the squirrel around to his side and dig in the brush piles to get the rabbits out. I remember him shooting rabbits with a longbow as a kid and thought, "When I grow up, I'm going to do that!", although usually for rabbits and squirrels he used that old Montgomery Wards 12 gauge, made by Browning.

    Yup, the hunt never ends. I never cease, although the seasons end, there is always something to do to get ready for the next year. It all encompasses "The Hunt". A new bow, or just practicing. I shoot archery all year long, even here in Wisconsin. We do have indoor ranges. I also shoot guns, pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Over the years I have hunted I think everything that Wisconsin allows us to hunt. As my sons grew up I realized that bow hunting wasn't for the young or at least not all. Most youngsters want to be able to get what they are after and bow hunting takes a lot of patience and at least my boys had little of that. I wanted to make sure that their early hunting experiences were good memories, so I leased a duck marsh and brought them up with some of the best duck shooting a person could ask for. It was all part of MY HUNT. Fifteen years ago when my Yellow Lab, Chopper, passed away, I quit duck hunting and bird hunting and went back to bow hunting. I gun hunt deer also and always have.

    What is the "HUNT" all about for me? The preparation, the immediate hunt, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the comradery of family and friends, meeting new friends, and the memories. When I no longer can hunt, I used to say, "just shoot me", but now I say, "I will always have the memories!".

  •  Bustinhides: 
  •  HamBrosOutdoors: 

    You know i get ask a lot why do you hunt, or why do you love the outdoors so much. Well its all ways hard for me to tell them, bc no matter how hard i try, i know they wont get it, bc you can not put it into words. I can tell bc the rush, or just that calm since, or just bc its fun, but if they never go out and try it for them selfs, they will not know what im talking about. For me, it just takes me over, it calls every year. I sometime say if i could not walk, when deer season came in you would see me running threw the woods, its just that, and how do you make someone see that....... i dont think you can, so now when others ask why? I say lets go hunting and i will show you

  •  bkbowhunter: 

    same here its hard for me to put into words also but i'll try.its a obsesstion its something i crave deep inside not just hunting an fishing just being outdoors in all weather day/night any time of year. i love wildlife animals are so complex i love going for walks in the woods year round i have to make myself leave. its a lot of work scouting putting trail cams out baiting/foodplots hanging treestands long hours in a blind or on stand hopping to get a chance at a animal that felling right before the shot is awsome. the when you get your trophy the work begines all over. sounds crazy if you have never done it. some people hunt i CRAVE IT all of it.i caint wait till the season comes in and im so sad when its gone.the older i get seems like the less time i have to spend in the great outdoors. i have been very blessed to be born and live in all my life.i pray for many more years to enjoy this life style.......

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Well, I can't resist anymore. I am going Turkey Hunting this year! Haven't been in years.
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