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2014 Outdoor Journal

As I type this, I'm already finished with my early season deer hunting here in Missouri. In one weekend I was lucky enough to tag a nice young doe, and an 8 point buck.  The season started out much differently though. 

Our season here starts in September, the 15th to be exact. I got called in to work so could only hunt the morning, and saw nothing. I actually didn't see any deer till october 4th, when I missed a six pointer that had winded another hunter and came running to me. I don't have the luxury of private land so I hunt a very unknown piece of public land, that is small, and floods often. no one wants to hunt it... and I am glad! 

The area is MAYBE 6 acres, and due to flooding, parts of it are very open. so you can see for a ways. I was getting a few deer on my trail camera but nothing to speak of, and everything was around 1am. I had bought some throw and gro food plot mix, and tossed that out not expecting much... but did place a stand near that just in case it toook. Which it did. I was getting a few deer on the camera in that area, again all at night, and though perhaps I'd get lucky one morning and one would come in to it during the day light. That didnt happen but I did see 3 deer come in from a direction I never in 1,000 years thought they'd travel, literally yards behind a house, and noisy quarry road!! I moved my stand, but due to wind couldn't hunt it Thursday October 23rd, so I sat in the food plot stand. 

It was barely light enough to shoot when I saw the doe walking paralell to the food plot, I drew on her, and couldnt see through my peep! luckily she waited around a little more, (not in the food plot, she was milling around in front of the stand, she stared at me a couple of times, then started feeding on twigs and whatnot... I drew again and still couldn't see! then I noticed the peep was twisted and a string was obscuring my view, did slowly raised my hand, fixed it, and drew again... this time I could see just fine, I settled the 20 yard pin... TWANG!! my release released without my touching the trigger, luckily I was about to anyway... it was a good hit, and a very short blood trail. I actually watched her fall. To my dismay however, as she ran, a fawn came from behind my stand, following her. I had no clue it was there or I wouldnt have shot.  after looking it up however, I am confident the little guy, or gal will be just fine.  my wife helped me drag the doe out, and weve already had some backstraps for dinner!

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  •  MikeG: 

    Nice going. I'd never get my wife to help drag a deer, but she has never complained about all my hunting and fishing in the 39 years we've been married.

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  •  OutdoorsmanByDesign: 

    Nice write-up, Tom!  I'm with Jason!  You've got passion, bro, not to mention one top notch wife!  I'm lookin' forward to meeting both of you, when we make our trip to St. Charles, next weekend!

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  •  Jason: 

    Talk about against all odds and you still got it done.  I admire your passion for making that 6 acres nobody wanted your own and making the best of what you had.  That is dedication and I respect that. Now if I can just work on this getting my wife to help me drag my deer thing.. :p

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headed out with the recurve this weekend....
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