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2014 Buck - first archery buck

Thanks to modern technology, the weather can be predicted almost hourly now. I was playing the odds when I climbed into my deer stand on October 25th, 2014. The wind was slated to be in my face (south, south west) until 8am, and then would switch to a northerly wind… which would be in the direction I expected the deer to travel. I wasn’t to overly worried, I had just tagged a doe two days earlier, and had made up my mind that only a buck would get my attention.


As I slid into the stand it was well before daylight and I waited… listening to raccoons argue over something, and listening to the forest come to life. Daylight here this time of the year is right around 6:45 or so… as it became brighter and closer to legal shooting light I grabbed my bow off its hanger, and waited.  I didn’t wait long. I glanced over to where the deer were supposed to come from and saw one walking, however the head was obscured by leaves. I wasn’t too concerned, I hadn’t seen a buck back here for nearly a month, I stayed relaxed, and didn’t raise my bow. The deer stayed behind cover till about 30 yards out, when it stopped and surveyed the forest in front of it… that’s when I noticed the wind ha switched and was blowing ever so slightly towards the animal.  I had taken the time that morning to spray on some homemade cover scent, and apparently it worked enough to not spook him. I am confident he smelled me though as he turned to start back the way he came. He wasn’t concerned, as I saw his antlers; I raised my bow, and started to draw... As luck would have it, he caught me mid draw and stared at me. Just when I was considering letting down he glanced away, towards the forest again and I completed drawing, I was unable to tell whether he was 30 or 20 yards, so I settled the 20 yard pin high and the 30 Low and released. The smack I heard was reassuring and the deer bolted back the way it had come.

I immediately called my wife to let her know I’d shot my first Archery buck ever. She was excited, and came to help track him. The arrow had passed clean through both lungs; a little high but certainly did its job! The trail was short and we found him piled up less than 50 yards away. 

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  •  Budgetbowhunter: 

    Thanks all. heading out this weekend to try my luck with my recurve. 

  •  Slowbow: 

    Nothing like that first one!

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  •  MikeG: 

    I love reading, (hearing), the story behind the deer pictures. I totally agree with Jason, that first archery deer and that first archery buck, (double when it is one and the same), hold special places in memory. I have shot so many deer with the bow over the years, I am not sure how many. My first though was a doe when I was 12 years old. I walked out to the woods with my dad and he pointed at a tree and said sit there. I did and he walked on, 20 minutes later this doe came by and just stood there broadside, looked at me 15 yards away and let me shoot her. That was with a recurve bow 47 years ago, and the adventure continues ......

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  •  Jason: 

    Great story, felt like I was there. Good buck for your first archery kill. My first archery kill was also a doe as bkbowhunter said.  Actually it has been my only doe so far.  I have followed  archery kills with a two 3 points. I have killed a spike, 5 point, and an 8 point with a rifle. I've not taken many deer for one reason I was gone in the military for a big 5 year gap and unable to hunt.  2ndly, I love taking one the moment my heart starts pumping and the onset of buck fever.  If that is a 3 point then so be it.  Great Job on this man! Your first buck is like nothing else and a memory not soon forgotten.

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  •  bkbowhunter: 

    thats great my first bow kill was a doe i dont remeber my first bow kill buck.. i love bowhunting more than anyother type of hunting. congrats on your season.brian

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headed out with the recurve this weekend....
26.10.2014 (1848 days ago)
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